CBM – 5 Ways to Reduce Energy Waste with Ultrasound

June 25, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am


By Adrian Messer

Energy conservation using airborne & structure-borne ultrasound helped to catapult the technology to the forefront of the energy sector back in the early 1980’s. Even today, reducing energy waste with ultrasound is still the application where the user can show a quick ROI and through its use, can have a tremendous effect on reducing a plant or facility’s energy usage. This presentation will show 5 ways where ultrasound technology can easily be deployed to help reduce compressed air waste, compressed gas waste, reducing carbon footprint, identify failed steam traps, and increasing motor efficiency through properly lubricated bearings. Attendees of this presentation will also be shown ways to document the savings associated with finding and repairing compressed air leaks, compressed gas leaks, and failing steam traps.

Learning Takeaways:
1.Learn how advancements in ultrasound technology have made it easier to report compressed air leak cost and CFM loss.
2.Learn how to reduce a plant’s carbon footprint emissions through the repair of compressed air & compressed gas leaks.
3.Learn how to quantify steam loss through a steam trap when the trap is leaking by or failed open.
4.Learn how improperly lubricated bearings affect the efficiency of a motor.

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