CALCE – Is Your Reliability Prediction Reliable?

April 14, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

By Dr. Diganta Das

How do you know a reliability prediction is accurate for your use? Can you really use it for comparing different components? Can you use the results for comparing design alternatives or designing accelerated life tests? Why does it vary from the reliability report provided by the manufacturer? If you have ever used reliability prediction reports, you are bound to be puzzled by these questions.

To address these questions and bring transparency to reliability predictions, IEEE got together with experienced individuals from industry, academia, and research institutes, representing different nations around the globe, to create an international standard. IEEE 1413 provides a standard framework for reliability prediction of electronic, electrical, and mechanical devices and assemblies. Standards can often be easy to read but difficult to understand and implement. To circumvent this issue, the standard has its own guidebook, IEEE 1413.1, IEEE Guide for Selecting and Using Reliability Predictions Based on IEEE 1413. 

This webinar will help you understand these standards and show you how to implement them. The webinar will begin with a brief overview of the predominant reliability standards being used in the industry; we will then dive into the details of these two particular standards, and, to better understand them, conduct a case study on the use of IEEE 1413 to assess the FIDES reliability prediction methodology. FIDES methodology is a handbook-based reliability prediction methodology and is being made into an IEC standard. Post this webinar, you will have a good grasp of the essential elements of reliability prediction and will be in a better position to judge the applicability and accuracy of the prediction.

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