CALCE – Determining Thermomechanical Reliability of Flip Chipped SiC Power Device Assembly

April 28, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

By Prof. Patrick McCluskey

SiC power devices have demonstrated greater than twice the power density of Si power devices at greater efficiency, while also being able to operate at higher temperatures and voltages. However, power packaging approaches are now the limiting factor in fully realizing the performance benefits offered by SiC power device technology. In this study, a co-design approach that addresses electrical, thermal and thermomechanical issues in a coupled manner has been used to create a complete packaging solution that allows a full realization of the performance advantages of SiC devices. The result has been a thermal integrated 3D package designed to contain an entire full bridge DC-DC converter. This package uses multifunctional elements, additive manufacturing, and high frequency operation to provide dramatic improvements over current module technologies in packaging density, size, weight, cooling and in parasitic inductance and capacitance. We will discuss this packaging structure and the manufacturing steps used to create it.

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