ASQ – Testing Techniques – Making Evidence Based Decisions

February 14, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Testing is a very broad topic. Various types of tests are performed throughout the life cycle of a product or component. These tests range from:
• Pre-production testing
• Audit testing to verify production intent
• Reliability testing once a product is in production

The focus of this presentation will be on reliability testing and to provide an overview of the types of tests that are available, what specific tests are utilized for, and provide examples of successfully implemented tests.

When a product does not perform as expected, the process of finding the reason why is commonly referred to as failure analysis. Materials and components do not really “fail”; they may fracture when overloaded or when corrosion is involved due to an aggressive environment. These failures can be attributed to either design related issues or inappropriate application or use. Therefore, the only “failure” is a failure to meet expectations. Materials characterization and testing is a critical element of the failure analysis process. Categories of the materials characterization testing techniques that will be discussed include:
• Plastics / Polymer Analysis
• Metals Analysis
• Coatings / Surface Analysis
• Corrosion Analysis

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