AS – Using Mistake Proofing to Prevent and Detect Human Error in Production and Office Environments

March 8, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

By Duke Okes


Human error is an inherent problem all organizations have to deal with, whether in a physical production environment or in office and administrative processes. Due to the usual low frequency of these issues it’s often difficult to justify a total redesign of the product or process that might eliminate it. Trying to “fix” human beings to reduce human error is very difficult, while mistake proofing options that compensate for human error causes can often be quite effective. 

Mistake proofing is then an ideal approach for identifying ways of modifying current processes to reduce the opportunities for error, and/or to detect them prior to impact. While brainstorming potential mistake proofing methods can work, an approach based on an evaluation of categories from the literature on mistake proofing can provide a more scientific identification of best options.

Join this session with expert speaker Duke Okes, who will discuss the possible reasons that can lead to human error in production and office environments. Duke will share how causes of such mistakes can be detected, evaluated, and subsequently prevented from reoccurring. He will also cover the potential risks that are related to mistake proofing solutions, and how you can maintain solution effectiveness.

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