AS – The Two Most Important Root Cause Analysis Tools – and How to Use Them

November 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

By Duke Okes


Root cause analysis (RCA) is a powerful way to identify systemic causes and prevent recurrence of the issue. Yet it often fails to achieve the expected results. But using the right tools and techniques can prevent this – and significantly increase the effectiveness of problem diagnosis. And while there are many tools and techniques for performing root cause analysis, none are so powerful as the flowchart and the logic tree.

This presentation by industry expert Duke Okes will show you when and how to use each of these two tools to conduct a more logical root cause analysis. You will learn how to quickly eliminate many potential causes at a time; use flowcharts to search for causes in six different ways; create a logic tree level using six different approaches; and use both the tools interactively. You will discover how the flowchart supports other cause identification methods; why you can’t rely on the fishbone diagram to diagnose complex cause and effect problems; and how the use of flowchart and logic tree is quite different from brainstorming a long list of possible causes to figure out which to test. You learn how the system engineering approach covered in this webinar applies to both single and repetitive
problems, and performance versus incident type situations, while visually describing the system/process/device being analyzed.

You will discover why none of the tools and techniques used for root cause analysis are as powerful as the flowchart and the logic tree. Both the tools provide a visual display of how the failed system/process/device is supposed to work from a sequential and structural standpoint. You will learn how these powerful tools allow you to quickly eliminate a large number of potential causes at a time, and support the iterative 5-whys thinking process to identify the physical and root causes – related to both the failure to prevent and the failure to detect the problem.

After attending this session, you will be able to conduct more powerful root cause investigations, reduce the number of causes that must be considered at a time, and provide a systems analysis perspective for analyzing any type of problem. Plus, you’ll understand the options for the use of each tool.

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