Aqueous – SMT WARS Lessons Learned by a Contract Manufacturer & Their Customer Who Sued Them

August 27, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

By Mike Konrad

Originally presented at Surface Mount Technology International to a standing-room only audience, Aqueous Technologies is proud to announce the return of SMT WARS.

What happens when an electronic contract manufacturer follows their customer’s instructions to the detriment of the product? Product failures, blame, drama, and a really big lawsuit.

We will review the trials and tribulations of a contract manufacturer and their customer. Assembly residue-related failures (ECM) contributed to product failures, product recalls, and, ultimately, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit.

Misguided “best practice” techniques only made matters worse. This presentation will discuss what factors contributed to the “perfect storm” of product failures. Factors that go as far back to original product designs, printed circuit board fabrication, storage and handling, assembly, testing, and coating. While mistakes were made all along the way, product failures could have been avoided with a few simple process changes, adding mere pennies to the cost of each assembly while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation.

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