Accendo – What You Need to Know About MTBF

August 13, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Chris Jackson

MTBF stands for ‘mean time between failure.’ This sounds intuitively easy to understand. But … if you haven’t taken the time to understand MTBF, and your organization relies on the reliability of its products, you are almost certainly in trouble.

For example, it is statistically possible for almost all of your equipment or products to have failed by the MTBF. Did you know that? Most equipment and products ‘age.’ That is, they go through stages of infant mortality, useful life, and wear out. Did you know that just talking about MTBF (and nothing else) means that you are assuming that your equipment or products never age? Did you know that (by definition) it is impossible to understand when you should service your equipment based on the MTBF.

This presentation is a simple introduction that doesn’t use complex words to explain some of the basic concepts of reliability engineering. In particular, how things like MTBF are so easy to misunderstand, and how relying on the ‘easy’ metrics do more harm than good.

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