Accendo – Selecting Reliability Engineering Tools

July 14, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Fred Schenkelberg

The toolbox for reliability engineering work is large. We have tools for risk management, data analysis, failure analysis, team building, and more. We touch on material science at the molecular level then shift to assessing a vendor’s reliability program. When you use which tool is critical to your effectiveness. So, how do you determine which tool to use for a given situation?

Let’s explore a few different situations and step through the decision process to determine which tool to employ. You may need to learn how to use a new tool or set of skills, or modify how you use an existing tool, or simply apply what you already know how to do.

The selection hinges on knowing what is available, understanding the current situation, and available information, plus how well will a particular approach work in your organization. Choosing the right tool requires matching the type and complexity of the problem and the situation at hand.
Let’s discuss how to best enable you to always apply the right tool to get the best results in this interactive and practical event.

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