Accendo – Fault Tolerance

July 27, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

By Chris Jackson

There comes a time in everyone’s reliability ‘journey’ where it is either too hard or too expensive to keep perfecting your product, system or service. Steel can only be ‘so’ pure. Clearances can only be ‘so’ accurate. Surfaces can only be ‘so’ smooth. And software can only be ‘so’ perfect. In fact it might turn out to be better and cheaper to have two ‘average’ components with one acting as a backup to the other. The ‘premium’ component might be too expensive or otherwise not as reliable as the backup system. Welcome to fault tolerance! This is where we design products, systems or services to be able to handle faults, imperfections, deviations, errors and lots of other things. Fault tolerant design by the best approach to reliability. Or not. It depends on your design challenges. This webinar talks about fault tolerance in the hardware, software and human domains of reliability. And how you can use these principles to make your product, system or service that much more reliable (with minimum cost).

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