Accendo – Essential Reliability Engineering Techniques

September 8, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Fred Schenkelberg

The difficult part of creating this list of essential techniques is to avoid selecting just the most common. There is an overlap between essential and those commonly used, yet essential implies a technique is crucial. Crucial on rare yet very important situations. The idea for today’s discussion is to focus on those vital few techniques that I believe every reliability engineer must master.

The techniques I’ve settled on are not specific tools in most cases, instead they are the fields of knowledge or practice. For example, instead of suggesting Weibull analysis is essential, instead, I’m suggesting that math skills are essential. With sufficient math prowess, you can do a wide range of analysis and modeling.

Your science, engineering, and math formal training will serve you well as a reliability engineer, and that is not sufficient to be successful. Not every problem involves using a math technique, although it is common. You also need to master techniques in failure analysis and experimentation. Plus, please do not forget that we work with others, thus the essential techniques of persuasion and team building are likewise vital.

Let’s discuss this shortlist of essential techniques and consider why I suggest they are essential, plus explore others that you consider essential as well.

What do you consider the essential techniques? Add your thoughts or questions when registering.

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