Accendo – Deliberate Reliability Testing

August 10, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Fred Schenkelberg

Reliability testing is expensive. For that expense, the testing results should provide timely, meaningful results. Results that provide actionable information and insights.

The idea of running a set of standard tests or tests that we ‘commonly run’ in many cases as little value. Each test (experiment) should be conducted for specific reasons related to the current project and current knowledge.

Testing to discover failure mechanisms, to estimate time to failure behavior, or to confirm functionality under specific conditions are common reasons for testing. Starting with what needs to be known, or characterized is a great starting place to crease reliability test plans deliberately.

Let’s explore the many reasons to conduct testing and how to clearly link those tests to the decisions that rely on the test results. By deliberately design reliability testing you confidently create and run tests that will add value with meaningful results.

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